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    Maintenance service for electric and gas cooker


If you’re in Jumeirah Park and have a broken cooker, don’t hesitate to call our team. We can repair it for you free of charge, so there’s no need to go through the hassle of taking it to a garage or trying to fix it yourself. Instead, call us, and we’ll be there to help.



Al Barouda Cooker Repair Service

If you’re having problems with your cooker, consider booking a repair service. Unfortunately, many different brands and types of ranges are out there, so it can be challenging to find the right one-stop shop to take care of all your repairs. That’s where a specialist comes in handy. They have the knowledge and experience to fix common issues with cookers, from burnt food to broken parts.


Most cooker repair services will also offer cooking advice tailored to your specific cooker. In addition, they’ll be able to help you troubleshoot any problems and give you suggestions on how to prevent them in the future. So if your cooker is giving you trouble, don’t hesitate to book a repair service – it might just be the solution you need.`

What Types of Problems can Cookers experience?

Cookers can experience several problems, some of which are as follows:

  • Durability Issues – Cookers can be damaged by accidental knocks, moving around, or heavy use. If repairs are required, the cookers may be unable to endure the stress and require replacement.
  • Faulty Elements – Some components in a cooker, such as the heating element or thermostat, can fail. It can cause the cooker to overheat, not cook properly or even catch fire. Again, if repairs are required, these faulty elements may need to be replaced.
  • Mechanical Issues – Cookers can also suffer from mechanical issues such as clogged filters or broken parts that cause them to malfunction. These issues often require professional repair services to resolve and prevent future problems.
When Should You Contact a Cooker Repair Service?

Whenever your cooker starts making strange noises or isn’t cooking the food properly, it’s time to take it to a professional repair service. Unfortunately, not all of us know how to fix our appliances, so we typically call a technician when something goes wrong. Here are some tips on when you should contact a cooker repair service in Jumeirah Park:


If your cooktop is making strange noises or is not functioning correctly, it must be repaired as soon as possible!


If the appliance has been giving you problems for a while – if it’s been breaking down more and more regularly, there’s a good chance that it’s time for a new one.


If there are any signs of physical damage – like scorching or blackened surfaces – this must be taken care of immediately.

Costs of Cooker Repairs in Jumeirah Park

If your cooker is not cooking or heating properly, it may be time for a repair. Many different types of repairs can be made to cookers in Jumeirah Park, and each one has its costs. Here are some of the most common types of repairs:


-Stovetop Replacement

It is the most common type of repair, and it usually involves replacing the entire stovetop unit. It can cost anywhere from £100 to £200, depending on the make and model of the cooker.


-Cooker Glass Replacement

If your cooker’s glass door is cracked or shattered, it may need to be replaced. It can cost anywhere from £50 to £100, depending on the model of the cooker.


-Range Hood Replacement

If your range hood seems to need fixing, it may need to be replaced. It can cost anywhere from £90 to £250, depending on the make and model of the range hood.

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